The slow speed benefits of paragliding combined with the safety in turbulence, but still with extra top speed (75kph+) & glide performance (10:1) of hang gliding. Learning to fly with skyfloaters couldn’t be easier; They are light and responsive without being unstable, with light, predictable and positive control. They launch easily; even in no wind and land so slowly that flare timing is hardly necessary, you can run or even walk to stop if you wish! Pilots are amazed at the superior control, high manoeuvrability, superior climb rate and easy landings. It’s easy to get above everybody, they have a great glide at low speed and a high dive speed to get down quick if required. These skyfloaters are very light and can be rigged 5 minutes or less! They easily last 10 years or more and are the most versatile and enjoyable gliders for NZ conditions. 

Fun, Falcon and Perfex skyfloaters use genuine 7075 alloy tube for superior glide performance and strength as well as lightest weight. As well as being the best first glider to start flying on, their superior performance in sink rate and climb ability makes them suitable for more advanced flying as well. They can circle in half the space a conventional performance glider needs, so you can get up in tiny thermals or light lift when others are forced to land! Pilots using skyfloaters regularly score high positions in competitions. A 329 kms cross country distance flight was flown by Davis Straub flying Falcon 3 170 for a World Record on a single surface glider!

Falcon 3, Perfex and Lightfex shortpack down to approx 6ft (2m) if you wish. AirBorne Fun and Wills Wing Falcon are similar with USHGMA certification. 7075 airframes for strength and light weight (19 - 23kg). Fly prone (or seated with paraglider harness). Skyfloaters are the most popular gliders sold in NZ.


Wills Wing are responsible for the Skyfloater revolution. The Falcon 4 is the latest version of the best selling skyfloater world wide. It has improved speed range and performance with full mylar leading edge inserts, lever tip batten fittings, and nose cone and it optionally short packs to approx 2m. A light but sturdy luxury luggage bag with wheels is an optional extra for airline travellers. The new enhancements allow pilots to downsize to a lighter, easier handling size than before.  More info here.  

 Fun by Airborne

The Fun is the most popular skyfloater in NZ. It is very similar to the Falcon but has conventional bungee batten fixings. A favorite for schools and recreational pilots in NZ. More info here. The Fun 190 has just been updated to the new model F2. More info here. Check out the review here

 Finsterwalder Perfex and Lightfex

Introduced years before the skyfloater term was coined, the Perfex and Lightfex feature no tools shortpacking & assembly. These skyfloaters have strong, 7075 frame and battens, rubber backed aerofoil uprights and SHV & DHV certification. They are a little smaller and faster than the Falcon and Fun. Body weight matching is important. More info here.

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