Many colours and sizes in stock. Check your size by measuring around the largest part of your headon the brows. Standard sizes are; 54 XS, 56 S, 58 M,  60 L or 62 XL. Charly helmets have the typical NZ european head fit & sizing. Best to call or email to check which colours are here in your size. Overnight delivery NZ wide available.

CHARLY Insider helmet, best seller, Great fit with high vision. Probably the most popular full face helmet around due to its light weight and good fit, more

CHARLY NoLimit helmet, Great fit with high vision, Full UV visor for better aerodynamics and wind protection. The same fit as the Insider but with a faired back that's not large enough to cause safety problems and a visor that fairs in and protects the face. Noticeably less wind noise than similar types confirms the drag saving. Anyone who flys for hours will notice they dont get so tired or cold and those flying hang gliders or trikes can fly fast without the tears!!!  more

Microfleece bag is optional.

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