Learn to Fly

Learn to Fly

Using the new skyfloater hang gliders such as Will Wing Alpha and Airborne Fun (no beat up old wings). Most pilots are flying solo (at NZHGPA Beginner rating) after about 3-4 days instruction (limited to sites and conditions suitable for their skill level). Training sessions each involve about 3 - 4 hours practical instruction, additionally there will be explanations / lectures and/or video. Normally there are 3 students to each glider and 2 students minimum for a class.

Because of the quickly changing winds in Christchurch, getting those 3 days might take some time depending on weather and when you are available. For the first day we require a moderate East to Northeast breeze (15-25 knots), which allows you to learn to control the glider while walking, running and just above the ground. For the next days we require a light Easterly (under 12 knots) when you to progress to higher flights as your ability and confidence allows.

I'm training new pilots whenever weather allows. Best times for training in Chch are usually late April into winter and then August - November.

Your instructor has over 25 years experience, an impeccable safety record, wrote the NZHGPA Hang Gliding Handbook and is fully licenced by the NZHGPA. Sorry I seldom do tandem flights here as its difficult to get reliable safe conditions in Christchurch and I've found it has limited value for instruction.

If you'd like an information pack, send $10 and I will post you a copy of our information and training manual, which is deductable from your instruction fee.

Gift Vouchers are also available, the Introductory session voucher comes with the info pack which can be presented to the lucky receiver.  

There's just a few things that I'd like to know about you:

  • Weight and height/build (so I can match to correct glider size)?
  • Fitness level? low (can jog 100m max) / med (1km max) / good (marathons)
  • Age? teen/20s/30s/40s/50s/60s
  • Any health issues?
  • Other sports competent in?
  • When available? dates/weekdays/weekends?
  • Your contact phone/txt number. 

Learning to hang glide has become a great deal easier and safer with modern equipment and techniques. The feeling of flying a hang glider is unlike any other form of aviation. The aircraft and you feel as one, so it feels completely natural. Average fitness and mobility is necessary and good co-ordination helps, though practice and the desire to fly are more important than athletic ability. Call and I can explain in more detail.

 Ground control on beach

 Low slopes progressing up

 Easy launching

 First high flight

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