Rigid Wing

Rigid Wings

AIR Atos 

Performance rigid wing gliders. For the pilot who can afford the best hang gliding experience available. The combination of superior glide and lower sink rate allow these gliders to go further and get higher than any other. The aerodynamic controls of the spoilerons linked to the conventional A frame give more positive authority and ease of handling, while feeling just like a standard hang glider to fly.

In flight adjustable flaps allow the glide angle to be brought down to that of a training glider for landing. They do take different care and weigh a bit more when carrying, but can be split in half. The frame consists of carbon cantilevered 'D' section leading edges with swing out carbon ribs.

With glide of up to 20:1, sink rate of just 120 fpm, and super light handling, these aircraft are the ultimate glider. Multiple World Champs winner. Range of models and sizes. DHV Certified.

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