Recreational/XC Gliders

These gliders are for pilots that fly recreationally and don't clock up 100 hours or more a year. Low airtime pilots perform better with these gliders than if they fly the highest performance gliders as with these gliders they are able to control them better and use the superior climb performance to get higher. With easier control and landings, they are ideal for the advancing pilot, or the experienced pilot that dosn't want a more complicated, heavier and harder to control glider. The U2 has close to topless performance, while the Sting 3 and Sport 2 have a little less glide at speed but lighter weight, easier control and landings.

The Wills Wing U2 is for experienced intermediate and above pilots who don’t want the extra weight, battens and stiffer handling of topless wings but still want competition performance or the best XC ability. It has a kingpost but no lufflines, using topless style inner sprogs. There's a choice of low drag aerofoils and aerofoil basebar. The best value in its class. 145 (29kg) and 160 (31kg) sizes, USHGMA Certified. More info here. Reviews here. Fly & Glide magazine review here.

The Airborne Sting 3, with years of development from the popular Sting recreational glider now has performance to match recent performance wings yet still has plenty of control, very low weight and a very low stall speed. Without doubt one of the easiest gliders to rig and lift, it's also a favorite for use with a motorharness due to the very slow stall speed. More info here. Review here.

The Wills Wing Sport 2 is a light weight, easy rigging, easy flying glider that just happens to have respectable performance; in fact better than the last kingposted comp gliders! But this glider is much lighter and has a large flare window for easier landings. Standard with low drag aerofoils and aerofoil basebar. 135 (24kg), 155 (27kg) and 175 (32kg) sizes. USHGMA Certified. More info here

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