Hang Gliders


The type of glider you fly depends on the experience /skills you have, and the conditions you mostly fly in.

It's tempting to go all-out for a high performance glider but you need the skills and experience to get that performance out of it. Pilots that don't do 100 odd hours a year, get better performance on a recreational glider and enjoy their flying a lot more.

Skyfloater gliders have proven to be more than just a training wing as their performance equals that of high performance wings of 10 years ago but they are a hundred times easier to fly. Most pilots choose a skyfloater or recreational glider when they want quick, easy and enjoyable flying. Skyfloater

The new recreational gliders are more refined and their performance has gone up accordingly, they are relatively easy to fly and quick to set up. They are ideal for the lower airtime or occasional pilot who enjoys the least hassles. These gliders because of their better maneuverability are often the the ones that get the highest, fly the furtherest and land the best. Recreational/XC

Performance/XC/Competition gliders have all the performance options to improve glide and speed, they have no top rigging and have a beefed up airframe designed to minimise drag. Popular for competition and aerobatic flying, they weigh more, take more time to set up and are less maneuverable at lower speed, but are the best way to win a race. Performance/XC

Rigid Wing hang gliders are the ultimate in performance, they are mostly carbon fibre, take special care and cost more but provide a much better glide and sink rate. Rigid wings like the Atos also have easy handling. Rigid Wing

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